Robotics is a scientific and engineering discipline that is focused on the understanding and use of artificial, embodied capabilities

•Deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots especially through computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and information processing.

•On the scientific side, roboticists study how a robot’s environment and design affect how well it does its job.

To get started with robotcs you can go commercial and use the Lego Mindstorms products but these are very expensive. C4K recommends getting started with either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi device. These are very affordable and building onto them also does not cost an arm and a leg.See kits here

If you are just starting out with robotics, we recommend learninmg about circuits first. One of the best products we found for this are snap circuits.

Te next step would be to purchase a bsic kit that comes wth everything to build a basic robot. There are many products out there. We tried a kit from Keyess Studio and it worked adequately to gain the skills. It worked off an Arduino device.

Once you’ve done this you are ready to tackle bigger projects using either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi device with high tech sensors

Some of these products are available in South Africa and can be sourced from multiple suppliers. Locally we recommend Mantech, Communica, Microrobotics ,DIY Electronics alot of products used by C4K are sourced from Banggood. Links to purchase products from this site are primarily from these suppliers.

C4K software shortcuts


If you inend purchasing an Arduino board, you may access the comparison chart to compare products.

Raspberry Pi

If you intend purchasing a Raspberry Pi, you should be purchasing a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

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