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Code 4 Kidz teaches STEM principles to learners who are destined to be the future Makers.We specialise in working with children aged between 10 – 14 years, allowing these young makers to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the 4IR .

How do we teach this?

We use a set of highly innovative workshops and hands on lessons that combine theory and practice. The workshop input is tied into the school STEM curriculum. Additionally all courses are tailored to the individual or groups age, interests and hobbies. Contact us for futher information on the workshops

Why is it necessary to be taught

As the world moves beyond the 4IR, South Africa is only starting. Careers are changing as the core aspects of 4IR change the ways in which we do business, healthcare, engineering, science and technology amongst others.

It is time to get the youth particularly the younger kids excited about the new technologies so that they are prepared to be innovators in the
new spaces being created. Core to 4IR are skills in coding, robotics and 3D printing. At C4K we hope to provide the first steps in this direction. Find out more

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