Q: Are the products Environmentally friendly

A: At Code 4 Kidz we make sure our products are responsibly sourced from companies that have a minimal Carbon Foot print

Q: Do products come with Warranty/Guarantee

A: For products that are consumable we will happily refund a percentage as long as the product is unopened. For our 3D printers they do come with a 3 month service assistance program. For our diy kits we will send over replacement parts if needed. All refunds are subject to condition. Code 4 Kidz does take a certain percentage due to admin and transfer costs.


Q: Is your packaging environmentally safe

A: Yes, All of our packaging has been upcycled

Q: How long does it take to ship

A: Please note that many products take between 2-4 business days to ship once payment received. Please note 3D printers take max 35 business days to ship but can be shipped in 5 business days if stock is available. (Email us to see availability)

Q: What does Waybill created and awaiting courier

A: This means that we have your order ready for shipment and we are awaiting collection by our courier company

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