How to start 3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing at home there a few things required

  1. A nice area that has good ventilation
  2. A plug point hat that has capacity of 230V (volts) in South Africa
  3. Plug point goes through the breakers in your house
  4. A passion for printing

Once you have all the above the next steps is to buy your first 3D printer we have guide to that here or we can assist you directly

We at C4K recommend that you either purchase the Ender 3 Or Ender 5 as we at C4K have found them to be the best printers that allow for safe operation and the best way for children to learn and grow heir skills in the art of 3D Printing.

Not that we have bough our 3Dprinter it is time to set up and 3D print.

Buy our complete guide to 3D printing

For set up and first 3D print Instructions click here

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